For our Vessel owners

Of course, you can find all details for a proper offer and the procedure of the re-registration under the Croatian flag on our website under Services for vessel owners. For additional questions feel free to contact us per our contact form or per mail on: myproperty@adria-star.eu

In any case, Adria Star is your personal agent for boats in the area of Istria. We organize and supervise all maintenance work on your boat, as well as other work on plastic, wood and stainless steel. We take care that your boat is properly maintained in winter and in summer.

Yes, we can. Adria Star will document all phases of the planned works and regularly inform you about the follow up which will be accompanied by photos of the current state and executed works on the vessel so it could be ready for sailing upon your arrival.

We would be glad to. In consultation with you, we will determine the ideal maintenance for your boat so that it stays well prepared and ready for the coming season.

You can. We will gladly advertise your boat and help.

Of course, we are pleased to. Prior to the rental, it is required to obtain the necessary documents from the competent authorities and to register the boat for such purposes. You can contact us via our contact form or by e-mail to: myproperty@adria-star.eu to find out about the changeover process.

For our Hosts

Of course. We are pleased to extend our offer for future guests with your property and to publish it on our website. Prior to the rental, it is necessary to obtain from the competent authorities all necessary documents and to register the property for such purposes. To find out more about the categorization and conversion of the rental facility, you can contact us via the contact form or by e-mail at myproperty@adria-star.eu

Definitely. The Adria Star travel agency, in addition to advertising your property, also takes over the services of the host in your home! From the time of registration, during the stay of guests in your accommodation and on departure, we are always at our guests’ disposal.

With pleasure. Adria Star offers everything from the management of reservations to the communication with guests, the recording of guests, billing, compilation of bills to the registration of arrivals and departures of guests in the e-Visitor (tourist association program) as well as maintaining the accommodation unit on various portals etc. For further questions please do not hesitate to contact us via contact form or e-mail: myproperty@adria-star.eu

Naturally. You can also rent us only for photographing the accommodation unit.
You are welcome to contact us for an appointment.

Yes, we can. Adria Star travel agency informs you, prepares you for the necessary documents for the categorization and prepares the housing unit with your consent and power of attorney according to the legal rental regulations. For further questions, we are happy to help you.

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